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With a flavorful mixture of an entrepreneurial Italian Mom, a Brooklyn born Dad, and her Tucson childhood, Oriana brings a natural package of sensitivity, toughness, and a friendly attitude to the service of others and the real estate industry. She speaks three languages fluently, which is a source of her personal professional satisfaction. Oriana is always open to learning new things. Her formal education is extensive, resulting in an MBA. Her sales management experience with various global corporations; British Airways, US Airways and Non-Profits like the Make-A-Wish Foundation has elevated her expertise in negotiation and relationship development. Add these skills and experiences to her innate abilities, positive attitude & “get it done and done well” efficiency, Oriana’s success as an entrepreneur is no surprise. She is passionate about all things real estate, from fixtures to finishes and everything in between. Oriana also loves spending time with her family and remodeling. Nearly 15 years in Arizona real estate, she has been certified as a “Ninja” REALTOR® and will commit to making your real estate transaction a pleasurable, pain free, transparent and smooth process; where you will be delighted with the outcome.